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Cabarrus Christian Youth Athletics



Welcome to Cabarrus Christian Youth Athletics, below is some general information about our baseball program.  If you have any additionally questions after reviewing this information please contact us at 

You can register your children 100% online through the following LINK


During the pre-season CCYA teams practice twice a week; one practice during the week nights (non-Wednesdays) and then another practice on Saturday.  Once the season begins we shift to one practice during the workweek (non-Wednesdays) as Saturdays are dedicated to games.  Practice sessions are 60 minutes, 45 minutes for t-ball and all practices are held on the property of CFA Church.    


Registration fee includes the following uniform items, a MLB team hat, a MLB team uniform, socks (t-ball & 5/6 only), belts (t-ball & 5/6 do not get belts) and grey baseball pants. 

Age Brackets

CCYA age groups are based on your child’s age as of May 1st, 2018.


The season consists of 10 games with majority of the games played on Saturdays, however there are occasional week night games sprinkled throughout the season.  There are no games played on Easter Weekend (Sat. March 31st, 2018).

Games are played on the property of CFA Church unless the fields are unplayable due to weather conditions.  Local fields will be utilized as needed in an effort to keep games from being canceled.  

CCYA Registration Prices

  • Coed T-ball 3/4           $75
  • Coed Baseball 5/6      $90
  • Baseball 7/8                $90
  • Baseball 9/10              $90
  • Baseball 11/12            $90
  • Baseball 12/13            $90

* Sibling Discounts: After the first child pays full price each additional child will received a $10 discount.

Coed T-ball 3/4 year olds

CCYA T-ball is an instructional non-competitive introduction to team sports that focuses on fun, fitness, and the basics of baseball.  T-ball allows kids to interact with other children their age while incorporating a high level of physical activity.  Athletes hit from a batting tee which is height-adjusted for a level swing, all kids hit each innings as no score or outs are recorded.

All T-ball games are played on our t-ball specific designed field.   

Coed Baseball- 5/6 year olds (6U)

CCYA 5/6 baseball is where fundamentals are taught within a fun creative atmosphere.  Kids are shown the proper techniques of throwing, batting, fielding, and base running. Age appropriate equipment and games are used to teach the game of baseball in a fun, exciting, and positive environment.  This is a coach pitch league with umpires that records outs and runs.

All coed Baseball 5/6 games are played on Field #1

Baseball- 7/8 year olds (8U)

CCYA Baseball 7/8 serves as our training ground for boys pursuing baseball as they begin the process of playing on a larger field.  In this program, coaches focus on throwing, fielding & hitting fundamentals. Healthy competition is emphasized with a focus on respect for opponents and officials.  This is a coach pitch league that includes All Star opportunities.  

All Baseball 7/8 games are played on Field #2

Baseball- 9/10 year olds (10U)

CCYA Baseball 9/10 is available for players to build and refine their fundamental skills while beginning to understand the game’s strategy and teamwork.  At this level games consist of six innings, pitching is done by the players and stealing is allowed once the pitch crosses home plate.   

All Baseball 9/10 games are played on Field #3

Baseball- 11/12 year olds (12U)

CCYA 11/12 is available for athletes looking to further their baseball development.  The highlight of this age bracket is the Cooperstown Dreams Park experience for the 12U All Star team.  At this level games consists of six innings, leads off and stealing is permitted.       

All Baseball 11/12 games are played on Field #3

Baseball- 13-15 year olds (15U)

CCYA Baseball 13/14 is a competitive league for older players using a conventional 90-foot diamond with a pitching distance of 60 feet, 6 inches.  This league is designed to transition athletes into interscholastic athletics.

All Baseball 13/14 games are played at CFA Academy’s Baseball Complex

All-Star Play

CCYA All-Star teams (8U, 10U, 12U and 14U) are selected via open tryouts during the midpoint of the spring season.  All-Star teams compete throughout the summer in various local tournament hosted by Top Gun Tournaments. Additional costs are associated with All Star selection, including uniforms and tournament fees.   

Annual Cooperstown Trip

The prestigious Cooperstown Dreams Park Tournament in Cooperstown, NY is an exciting opportunity for young players to experience.  Assuming there is sufficient interest, CCYA plans to send a team to participate in this tournament each summer.  For 12 straight weeks during the summer, 95 teams from all over the country come to Cooperstown for a dream week of youth baseball. Many parents, siblings and grandparents accompany the team for a most memorable family vacation. The players and coaches room together in Team Cabins that surround the 22 manicured fields. The approximate cost per player is around $1000 (excluding travel and team fundraising).  Over 2,500 teams apply each year for the limited spots in this tournament. CCYA has sent a team each summer to Cooperstown since 2015. Go to for more information.